energy management according to ISO 50001


Both energy extensive processes and well equipped buildings are always a tightrope walk between efficiency and comfort as well as production rate and conversation of resource respectively. EMSControl, the tool for operative energy management based on XAMControl, covers all necessary tools for realizing sustainable and thereby ISO 50001 compatible energy management systems – from synchronized data acquisition to optimized load management for electricity, water, fuels …

EMSControl for data akquisition

Details, Details, Details ...

To make more out of energy management than a catchphrase the first step is to acquire reliable data. Using latest technology EMSControl collects and stores all relevant plant or building data – of course synchronous with your energy provider and in real time. The prognoses module delivers the prediction of your future energy demand for further improvement tasks.


EMSControl Data structure and representation

Details in the Big Picture

Since a lot of detail can divert attention away from crucial information, EMSControl offers appropriate detail reduction. Separated by site or areas, in the form of reports or directly in 3D visualisations – while maintaining full operability and with realtime data.


EMSControl Data Evaluation

Concentrated Company Finances

Investments today are seen in the light of sustainability and amortisation time. It is a good thing if the investment is able to deliver the required data itself – even better if the data is made available In realtime, organised according to cost centre or KPI linked with production – as is usual in EMSControl, with a mouse-click, in an easily readable form.


EMSControl Load Management

Strategic savings

Energy management – the clever way – needs a number of preconditions taken into account. Some plant components or units have to be in operation all the time, some are needed just irregularly. Some may not be shut down shortly after their start up, some might not be switched on for a period after their shut down. The perfect combination of all plant components – taking all constraints into account – leads to a satisfying result with sustainable savings. In short: Strategic Load Management covering the entire plant or building within the given constraints –or even shorter: Load Management with EMSControl.